Express Yourself Freely!

A self-paced, online course to increase confidence, deepen self-love and let your voice out!

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Do You Long to Express Yourself

But sometimes just don't know how? Do you wish to let your voice out with more ease and less judgment? Do you ever catch yourself holding back or playing small?

You're not alone. Many of us struggle to express ourselves. Rather than celebrating our uniqueness, speaking up when we need to and confidently sharing our voice, we feel insecure or unsure.

This course helped me so much! It made me realize that I had to love and accept myself more. That I had to set boundaries and say no more often. So I did. Now I say yes, yes, yes! And I feel so much better for it.

—Kelly Senden (Project Manager, France)


How You Express Yourself Makes All

When we hold back from saying what we want to say, when we choose not to act—because of fear or a story in our heads that says we shouldn’t—we limit ourselves. Rather than embrace the full rainbow of colours we have the potential to be, we dim down our light and only express ourselves in shades of grey.

The tragedy in this is that we stop ourselves from fully living and experiencing life because we are not fully living and expressing ourselves in it.


Life is finite.
Why live it in a limited way?

Why hold back and play small when you have the power to be your colourful, unique self and express yourself from this space?


You Need a New

To gain the confidence needed to express ourselves freely, we need a new set of tools—tools that help us re-frame what it means to use our voice with more impact, speak our truth and act in a way that feels in alignment with us.

We need tools that help us love and trust ourselves on a deeper level, bringing us into a closer relationship to who we truly are and how we wish to share ourselves with the world.

Through This Course

Tools to use that will help you:

Meditations you can use whenever you need them

Exercises you can use everyday for the rest of your life

A workbook & journal with transformative exercises

Course Curriculum

I would definitely recommend this course to other people. The material is well-prepared, easy to use and I've noticed lots of improvements and changes in my life because of it.

—Rachel Beanland (Yoga Teacher, France)


You'll Learn What It Means To Be

How to speak your truth and use your voice confidently. Any resistance you have to how your voice sounds will be dissolved.

Through the simple, practical, proven tools you'll get in this course, you will learn to enjoy your voice, how it sounds and how good it feels to express yourself freely in all situations!

Each video series builds upon the next, establishing a solid framework for transformation that's grounded in self-love and self-acceptance.


The course gave me the opportunity to dramatically improve my relationship with my voice.

—Sarah Davis, (Human Resources, U.S.A)


The Course Will Be Delivered In

Each series covers 3 different topics.

There's a total of 6 hours of video content broken down into short, easy to watch videos that you can go through at your own pace.

A workbook and journal will be provided for each series to be used throughout the course, along with guided audio meditations, weekly tasks and exercises.

You have lifetime access to this course, so you can watch the videos as many times, and repeat the course as often, as you like.


Through this course, I learned wonderful tools to dive deep into my self-love, acceptance and found the courage to speak my truth.

—Lena Fischer (School Teacher, Germany)

How This Course

In this self-paced, online course, you’ll learn these tools and practice applying them in your daily life. We’ll start from the source and implement habits that you can use for long-lasting results.

You'll learn to identify the beliefs that hold you back from expressing yourself freely and will practice voice, movement, meditation and journaling exercises to help you to shift these patterns.


In Video Series 1, we explore what it means to love ourselves on a whole different level! Self-love is the basis for self-acceptance, so our journey begins with deepening self-love and on anchoring your relationship to yourself there.

You’ll learn to heal wounds compassionately, develop more patience for yourself and discover how to accept yourself as you are now. You’ll then learn about boundaries. How to be aware of your own, how to use your voice to set healthy, firm boundaries with others.


In Video Series 2, we explore listening within, where you’ll learn skills to help you tune the world out and identify your inner-voice wisdom so your actions can come from this space. During this series we’ll look at self-talk and examine the belief systems you hold about yourself.

You’ll learn how to identify negative beliefs and to transform them in a way that is kind, gentle and effective. You’ll develop a voice for yourself that is nurturing, understanding and soothing.


In Video Series 3, we explore the role of joy in letting our voices out! You’ll be asked to invite more play into your daily life, will learn how to look at the world through curious eyes and explore what happens when you express yourself from this space!

You’ll be encouraged to explore your voice in new, exciting ways to help you unleash your full potential.


In Video Series 4, we’ll build on everything we learn in the first three video series. You’ll learn voice techniques to help you use your voice in healthy, clear and confident ways.

You’ll understand how different emotional states can be used to fuel your expression and you’ll set your voice free in new and empowering ways!

The course led me to a deeper understanding of how all my inner experiences have an impact on my voice.

—Karen Wilson (Accountant, Australia)

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Your Instructor

I'm Kirbanu, an Australian musician, voice trainer and empowerment coach dedicated to helping you find your unique voice & use it with confidence, power and impact.

In the last 7 years I’ve given over 600 concerts and voice workshops across Europe and Australasia and have performed at over 20 festivals and conferences. I understand the necessity of being able to express ourselves clearly, with confidence and in a way that is in alignment with our mind and body.

My deep passion is to share practical tools and techniques with you so you too can experience the confidence, joy and power a holistic connection with your own voice brings.

Find out more:, i-Tunes & Apple Music @kirbanu