Introduction to Myself & The Course

Welcome to my Online Voice Course!

I'm happy that you've chosen this course as the way for you to understand your voice on a deeper level and to learn both the theory and techniques that will help you to use your voice in a healthy, confident and empowered way when you speak, teach and chant or sing mantras.

The course is set up that you'll have access to the next Video Series every 2 weeks. This gives you time to work through the material at a comfortable pace. Each Video Series comes with a Workbook and Audio Files to download. These support the course videos and will help you to integrate what you learn into your life more easily. Please make sure you download them. To get you started I've attached the Video Series 1 Workbook with this email.

If you've chosen the Voice Course Supported or Voice Course Plus Mantras option for this course, I'll be in touch with you soon by email to schedule our online sessions.

If you have any questions about getting started, please write me an email: [email protected] or contact me directly on WhatsApp: +4917689071320

I look forward to supporting you on this journey.



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